Why selling your property in January and February is a good idea

While January and February have traditionally been quiet months in the property market, this is no longer the case. There have been some changes in the property market, and in buyer behaviour, which now means that selling your property in January and February is a good idea. If you still need to be convinced as to why the first two months of the year represent the ideal time to place your property on the market, read on.
Online portals means that people can look for property at all times of year
One of the biggest reasons why the property market has changed in recent times is down to the emergence of online property portals. While these sites may not provide the full experience that an estate agent can offer, they offer the benefit of being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from wherever you can access the internet.
While many people will not appreciate the idea of visiting properties and trudging around viewings in the cold months of the year, knowing that you can do most of the property searching online from home or work is a real boon. This has taken away a lot of hesitance that some potential buyers have of buying at this time of year, so it makes sense to have your property listed for sale at this time of year.
Potential buyers at this time of year are serious buyers
After people take the time to look at properties online, if they find one online and arrange a viewing, it is fair to say that they will hold a genuine interest in the property. During the spring and summer months when he weather is pleasant and the nights are longer, many people will decide to arrange a viewing on the off-chance or for something to do.
This is not the case in wintertime. If someone is arranging to view your property, they hold a genuine interest in the property and this will provide you more encouragement and motivation to prepare your home for a viewing.
Savvy buyers are keen to see your property in winter
A reason why many buyers are keener to buy at this time of year is because this is when your home is likely to be at its worst. Seeing a home in summer time with natural light flooding in can be a positive experience but it can make some problems. If the house suffers from a leaking roof or heating issues, these will be more apparent during the winter months, and this means that this is the time of year when a buyer will want to view your property.
If a potential buyer views a property in January and February, and it meets their expectations, they can be confident about it being a home that they will enjoy all year round.
People are motivated to make changes at the start of the New Year
At the start of a New Year, many people make resolutions and pledges to improve themselves and lead a better or more productive life. Many people will decide that moving home is an ideal step for them to take and they will likely be motivated at the start of the year. This means that in order to catch the attention of these buyers, you need to have your property on the market at this time. If people who are caught up in the motivational energy of New Year don’t find a suitable home, there is a strong chance that come March or April, they will have lost the impetus to move, which means that these buyers will be removed from the market.
Statistics indicate that more corporate relocations take place at the start of the year
This isn’t going to be relevant to everyone but studies indicate that a notable proportion of corporate relocations take place at the start of a New Year. This means that there will be people looking to buy property quickly in order to make the process of moving to a new role, department or job an easier process. It may not be a major market but some locations may find that there is a swelling of demand for properties at the start of a New Year.
There are still potential sellers who avoid this market
While many of the reasons for selling your home in January and February relate to reasons why a buyer is looking for a home, there is also a very strong reason from the supply side of the property market. Even though there are plenty of reasons that demand is increasing at the start of the year, it seems as though many potential sellers would prefer not to sell at this time of year.
The thought of moving home in January or February may be a depressing one for some people but given the nature of the property market, it is surely better to have a sale arranged than wait and then hope for the best. With many people not placing their home on the market in January or February, doing so means that you will have less competition when it comes to selling a property. For this reason alone, you should seriously consider placing your property up for sale in January and February.