Why move to Bedford – Top 10 reasons

If you are looking to move out of London, or be located close to London, you will have no shortage of options and offers. However, you will find that not every option is suitable for your needs. This is why you should take the time to weigh up your options and if you are considering Bedford, here are ten reasons why you should move to Bedford.

A great range of housing available
If you are looking to move to an area you want to ensure that there are properties available and it is fair to say that Bedford has a great range of housing stock. This should help you find the ideal home for your needs and with the basics of supply and demand, it is best to move to an area with available property because this will hopefully help to lower the cost of buying a new property.

Reliable and effective transport links
If you are looking to get out and about, you’ll find that Bedford is ideally located. This is because it sits on the A6 but it is also located very close to the A1 and the M1. There are also regular and consistent train links to and from London. The daily commute can be a bit of a squeeze at times but it is a reliable service. The Bedford (Midland) station and the Bedford St John stations are the main options in Bedford.

It is a great area for families
If you are looking for an area to bring up children, there is a great deal to be said for what Bedford has to offer. With plenty of green areas, you won’t necessarily feel as though you are living in a town, which means you and your kids can get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

The River Ouse provides calmness and serenity
When you want to switch off from the pressure and strain of life in London, Bedford offers the ideal chance to escape and unwind. A lot of this is down to the River Ouse and you can even spend hours watching the swans!

The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and surrounding attractions
If you are looking for an artistic setting that puts you fully in touch with the cultural offerings of a local area, you will find that the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery is the ideal destination for any art lover. Most people will prefer the farmers market which is located next to the gallery.

Reasonable schools
There are many primary schools in the Bedford area classed as “good” by Ofsted and the state secondary schools in the local area are classed as “satisfactory” or “effective”. If you are able to place your child in the private schools in Bedford, such as Bedford School, Bedford High and Dame Alice Harpur, you will find that there is a very strong level of schooling on offer.

Homes of historical interest
There are great examples of Victorian and Georgian home in Bedford so if you are looking to find classic homes you will not be short of options. There are also riverside and embankment properties to look out for in Bedford although these homes do carry a premium price.

This is an area with a high interest in rugby
If you enjoy watching live rugby, you will find that Bedford is the ideal destination. This is because there are four rugby union teams to look out for including Bedford Athletic, Bedford Swifts, Bedford Queens and Bedford Blues. There is also a rugby league team, the Bedford Tigers.

Batman was filmed here
If you are a movie buff or you love comic books, you will be secretly (or not so secretly) thrilled with the fact that some of the Batman Begins scenes were filmed here.

Plenty of notable people hailed from Bedford
Some of the famous people and celebrities to hail from Bedford include Ronnie Barker, Matt Berry, Barry Fry, Carol Vorderman and Nick Tandy.