Top 3 locations in Bedfordshire to invest

If you are looking to invest in Bedfordshire, there are a number of options available to you to choose from. While you should be looking to choose the investment opportunity that provides you with the best return on your money, it may be that you have other things on your mind when it comes to buying property.

You may be looking to buy a property that you will eventually move into, which means the location is very important. The style of tenant you are looking for may be of importance to you and if it is, it is best to choose an area that is attractive to these tenants as opposed to buying a home and then looking to attract a tenant.

While personal preference may come into your final decision, you’ll find that these are three top locations in Bedfordshire to invest.


The county town and the heart of local life for many people. With strong commuter links and a wide range of facilities, it is easy to see why people look to stay and live in Bedford. There are a number of commercial developments taking place in the heart of the city centre and you are never too far from the major towns and cities surrounding Bedford if you are in the mood for more adventure.

When it comes to obtaining rental yield above 6% for one bedroom properties, the options you have are the MK40, MK41 and MK42 postcodes. With respect to one bedroom properties, you should be looking at very close to 6% in virtually all of the Bedford postcode areas with only MK45 falling short. When it comes to moving onto two bedroom properties, the best returns are associated with the MK40, MK41 and MK42 areas, so it does make sense to focus your attention on areas within these postcode regions.

In the 12 month period between January 2015 and January 2016, property prices in Bedford rose by 8%.


His is an area that has welcomed a lot of investors in recent times, which has created an unique blend of people and styles in the area. It has been referred to as an area that exists in a time-warp where farmers and financial traders exist side by side. With 5 trains an hour, at peak times, heading towards London and the journey to Euston taking 30 minutes, it is easy to see why many investors looking to set up home away from the hustle and bustle of the city have moved to this area.

Equally, it is easy to see that it is an attractive proposition for commuters so there is rental demand for property in this area too, making it a fine option for landlords looking to make money. The rental yield for a one bedroom property in MK17, the Woburn postcode, is 8.38% which offers a strong return on your money.


Pavenham is located in the K43 postcode area of Bedfordshire, so it isn’t quite the most attractive option for people looking to rent out an investment home, but for people looking to oinvest in a property in a quiet area, it is idea. Located just 6 miles from the heart of Bedford and found on the River Great Ouse, anyone looking to enjoy village life with a village hall, pub, tennis club, golf club and various groups and activities will find that Pavenham provides the ideal pace of life.

Before investing in Bedfordshire, it is vital to know what you want to receive in return. However, whether your focus is on rental yield, long-term income or a place you can enjoy life now or in the future, there are a number of strong investment opportunities available in Bedfordshire.