Selling your property in the Winter. Is Winter the new spring?

While people need to have a home all year round, there are times of the year that have proven to be more popular when it comes to selling homes. The main focus for property sales have fallen on spring and autumn, and you can see why these times of the year have been the busier periods for selling property. Spring is the time when people emerge from the winter months and there is often an impetus for a fresh start and people finally feel energised to take action. The thought of moving home on a spring day is more appealing than doing so on a wintry day, so you can see why people hold this opinion. Summer can be variable due to summer holidays so it makes sense that autumn is a more popular time for people to move home. After this, there was always a lull during winter but in recent times, there have been suggestions that winter is an increasingly popular time to sell your property.

There are a number of reasons why winter may be a good time to move, including:

People need to buy homes
Buying and selling homes is a year-round activity so there have always been property sales and purchases made at this time of year. Nowadays though, the volume is rising and there is no reason why people shouldn’t sell their homes at this time of year.

This time of year suits many people
It is easy to say that winter time doesn’t suit a lot of people when buying or selling homes but it would be fair to say that it does suit many people. A lot of people are involved with seasonal work which means that the spring and summer may be the busiest periods of the year for them. For these people, getting involved in the property market when they have more time is sensible and the fact that it falls during the winter period shouldn’t matter, it is the option that is the most convenient for them.

It can be good to view a home in winter
If you want to get a proper feel for what your home is like and whether it will be able to withstand difficult weather conditions, see it during the period where there is poor weather conditions. There is a lot to be said for viewing properties in winter when the weather is poor, the sky is dark and you can get a feel for how warm or dry the property feels. If you inspect properties in spring or summer, you may not get a true reflection on how the property will stand up to harsh weather conditions. Searching during the colder, wetter and darker months may save you considerable money in the long-term.

The New Year can be a great motivator
You only have to think about New Year Resolutions and the way that this time of year seems to galvanise people into taking action. If you are looking to make a positive change, buying or selling property at New Year may be exactly what you need from life.