First time tenants need to be prepared

There is a considerable level of focus on first time buyers but being a first time tenant can be a daunting prospect as well. People moving out into the world on their own or away from their parents or educational body for the first time face a big challenge and it is important that they find the place that is best for their needs.
This is why it is vital that first time tenants are fully prepared and the following questions can make it easier to find the ideal property.

Do you need a furnished or unfurnished flat?
A furnished flat will be more expensive each month but it saves you having to buy or access furniture before you move into the property. If you have furniture or people are willing to provide you with furniture, you’ll find that the unfurnished option will help save you money each month.

How are your finances?
Before you can seriously look at moving into rented property, you need to know about your finances. Looking at your income and your outgoings will give you an idea on what you can afford to pay each month. Of course, you don’t just need to think about your rent, there are many bills associated rented property that you also need to pay. You should also consider the cost of your TV licence, utility bills, any phone or broadband connection you need, council tax and even the commute from home to work. These are all bills associated with renting so make sure that you have sufficient funds to pay your rent, these bills and still have money left for food, drink and any entertainment if possible.

Can you place a deposit and still be okay to pay your bills?
In addition to knowing how your finances stack up to the monthly bills associated with renting, there are one-off costs associated from renting. There is a need to provide a deposit, so you need money up front, and you may also need to hire a removal van or incur some costs in moving home. You need to ensure your finances are robust enough to pay for these costs as well.

What do you want from a property?
Having worked out your budget, the next step is to focus on what you want from a property? Do you need a certain amount of bedrooms, do you need a garden area, do you need to be located to certain transport links and is there anything which becomes a make or break element in finding rental accommodation. You need to have these aspects in mind before you start looking for rented accommodation.

The fact that there are so many questions to answer before you even begin looking for rental accommodation means that it is vital that you take the process seriously. This is why so many people call on specialists to help them find what they are looking for.

Answering the questions about what budget you have, what you need from a home and where you want to stay provides you with a “hit-list” that you should focus on. Most people don’t have the time or experience to focus on a list like this but meeting with an experienced estate agent, like the team at Homelink, gives you the chance to hire the experts to find your ideal rental home based on your criteria.

Some agents try to push whatever properties they want to fill onto their clients but more experienced agents like Homelink understand that, in the long run, it is far better to place a client where they want to be. This is because they’ll be more likely to stay there for longer, which means that people are happier. Once you know what you want and need from a rental property, call on the local property experts to make the right decision.