Choose an independent estate agent to sell your home

If you are looking to sell your home, you may think that you have three choices, which are:

Sell it all by yourself
• Hire an independent agent to help sell your home
• Hire a major estate agent to help sell your home

The first option should be ignored by the vast majority of people looking to sell their property, which means it usually comes down to choosing between an independent agent and a major estate agency. The growing nature of online estate agents may be a factor for some people but focusing on the choice between independent and major estate agents is a sensible way to progress the sale of your home.

Some people will argue that there is comfort to be found in hiring a company with links, branches and even customers all over the country, but there are many drawbacks to working with this style of company. You can never be sure how much of their time and focus they will provide to you? Employees at these firms have big targets to meet each month and you often feel as though you are just a number or a means to an end for these employees.
This is why focusing on the benefits of choosing an independent estate agent is a smart move.

An independent agent is more likely to devote time to you
An independent estate agent is far more likely to have time to devote to you and your needs, so it makes sense to call on these professionals.

An independent agent is less likely to have a conflict of interest
It may be that an estate agent from a major firm is also working on behalf of other firms or bigger buyers who would benefit from your property. This means you cannot be sure if they are always acting on your behalf or if they are pushing harder for someone else. It may even be if they represent a client with a lot of properties in the area, they could favour theirs over yours when promoting property to potential buyers.

An independent agent is more likely to have strong local knowledge
When it comes to promoting a property in the most effective manner, local knowledge makes a massive difference. Local knowledge of the property market allows an estate agent to reach out to the right potential buyers and it also allows the agent to extol the virtues of the right features and local amenities to certain buyers. When it comes to presenting property in the most effective manner and “best light”, an independent agent can offer more than an agent from a major firm who is reading off a pre-prepared list of features and facilities.

An independent agent could already have buyers looking for property in this area
Many independent agents who have a good reputation in a particular area are likely to have clients who are looking to buy certain types of property when they become available. It may be that an independent agent already has willing buyers for your home, which means it makes sense to utilise their services to sell your home.

Independent agents understand the importance of good customer service
For major estate agent companies, one or two bad reviews don’t really matter because their size protects them from any major fallout. This isn’t the case for independent agents where one or two bad reviews can have a hugely negative impact on their reputation. This means you are likely to find that an independent agent will work harder on your behalf to ensure that they please you and you prove them with positive feedback.